A new bespoke headquarters for Qatar Airways is underway at Conduit Street in Westminster.

The new five-storey building replaces 1940s and early 1950s buildings and will be for both retail and office accommodation. PLP Architecture have designed a superb facade with a set of stone and hand-patinated bronze recesses separating and contrasting the feather-shaped elements with the neighbouring elevations. The first range selection at our Cadeby works has taken place with Cadeby facing off some 20 blocks of Portland to enable the architects to select certain blocks and their unique visual qualities for certain areas of the build.

More information on this fascinating project can be seen on the PLP website

Cadeby Stone along with Grants Precast are well on with supplying the PLP designed high-end Commercial Office Scheme in the City of London. This will create 155,000 sq.ft of office accommodation over 7 storeys.

200m2 of Cadeby Brown Limestone have been used for the entrance of the
recently refurbished offices of the BDA in Wimpole St., London. Floor tiles of
500 x 500 x 20 were used in an half bond pattern, with the addition of skirtings
and treads.

Cadeby White Limestone has been specified for the refurbishment of the external façade of an office building in Kensington High Street. Approximately 250m2 of 40mm thick panels in selected White Cadeby will be hand set on a stainless steel frame, which in turn is fixed back to the existing concrete structure. The stone cladding will extend into Holland Road and provide an elegant envelope for piers, window reveals and soffitts.

A major refurbishment is currently being undertaken at the Cadeby Stone plant. The improvements include a new processing plant and a fully fitted new stone masons workshop.

The first machine to be fitted into the new plant is a computerised profiling machine which will accuratley cut intricate mouldings etc. This will be fitted and running by the middle of February 2006.

During the remainder of 2006, the purchase of new three metre and two metre saws is also planned.

Watch out for David Edwick’s lily bud sculpture in Channel 4’s Country House Rescue this Thursday 12 July at 8.00pm, the Meldon Lily is carved from a single piece of Cadeby Gold Limestone

We have just installed one of the world’s most advanced stone cutting CNC machine’s. It is housed within a purpose built unit at our Cadeby production facility. This is a further step in the ongoing investment Grants Group have committed not only to research and development but equally in the latest production equipment to compliment the advances being made in design, innovation and technology.