CE Marking requirements & Construction Products Regulation For Natural Stone

CE marking is compulsory for products with a harmonised standard and enables a product to be placed on the market. The Construction Products Regulation requires the manufacturers of natural stone products for which there are harmonised standards for that product to complete CE Marking.

A Declaration of Performance (DoP) is also needed. This must include the intended use and at least one of the Basic Requirements of the Construction Products Regulation for the end use of the stone.

It is the responsibility of the company placing the finished product on the market to CE Mark the product. This declares a performance of the product for which that company takes responsibility.

Masonry, cladding, slabs and tiles for flooring and stairs, external paving, setts and kerbs, and roofing slates are products that will be required to comply with the requirements of the relevant harmonised Standards.

Not only is the stone required to conform with the declared requirements, it is also required to conform with the various tolerances as set out in the standard.
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